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How To Increase Yield Of Borewell Water?

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As well water olds, the speed at which water can be pumped (generally known as well yield, performance or flow) begins to reduce, particularly in wells that had not been properly developed at first when drilled.

Water wells need routine monitoring to ensure sufficient water flow and the continuous security of drinking water. Well water must be screened annually for complete coliform bacteria and E. coli bacteria to enhance water quality by a state-accredited testing laboratory.

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Further monitoring of pH and total dissolved solids is needed every 3 years, and also land-use tests that occur and/or are predicted to occur beyond the well’s sight. In turn, if there are noticeable stains, tastes, or odors in the water, look for a test to better determine the cause of these signs.

Water wells must also be tested regularly for evidence of damage including contamination. Make sure that the area within 100 feet of the well is free of debris or objects that could contaminate the water source.

How to recharge the existing borewell for increasing its yield?

It is better to take recharging steps, like recharging wells/borewells across the borewell site used for water sources, instead of putting rainwater straight into it. To optimize the advantages, it is often advisable that the whole community should be encouraged to take recharge steps to support all the wells in the region.

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If the borewell itself is used for recharging, proper filtering arrangements for the elimination of silt particles and even a proper pipe system are required to allow only rainwater from clean roofs within the well without compromising the side walls.

Has your borewell suddenly dropped in yield? Are there lots of other borewells in the neighborhood? What can you do?

Our experts’ answer:

To maximize yield in the bore well, you should go for a multi-hydro-fracture methodology, since it appears like the bore well is surrounded by broken zones at a deeper level. Perhaps any of the key broken ducts might not be going into your bore well cracks, or any other bore wells could be sharing your fractured ducts, and they may well be drawing water from your bore well due to their locational benefit.

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There are a few reasons behind this:

  • Somebody else might have drilled a new well that impacts the yield. You might just have hit a massive pocket/cavity, that is linked to the central aquifer, but the connection is not quite good, because you first had the extra water and then it was diminished.
  • A leak may have arisen in the pipeline, presumably where the pipe is connected to the pump and, as a result, the pump seems insufficient to develop the necessary back pressure to deliver enough water to the surface.
  • When you have a three-phase drive, you can have a phase reversal and the piston is spinning in the opposite direction.


The following can be beneficial:

  • Look whether somebody else has recently drilled a new well in the field.
  • Verify if the current produced by the engine increases and the engine shuts down due to overload if the pump is turned on to hold the delivery tap closed. If it doesn’t shut down, there’s now a leak in the pipeline. This only has to be achieved if you have a strong quality management panel with a protective shut-off overload.
  • You can always take the pump as well as the pipeline out for testing.

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Lowering the pump has not helped. What can be done?

The stagnant water level in the borewell has declined considerably. The poor H.P submersible pump seems unable to raise the water mostly from current deeper depth into the main tank. Therefore, kindly first check the static water level and get the specifics of the drawing.

In fact, drawing means stabilizing the depth of water after pumping. In order to prevent dry pumping, the submersible pump must be lowered a few meters below the draw level. There is a risk that the submersible pump will need to be overhauled. A greater horsepower pump does not benefit in this case as 1 H.P pump from the initial depth did not show successful results.

Although you can drill to greater depths, there is every chance that you might have to survive with a limited supply of water. Both depth information can be obtained in the mirror technique or even in the plumb line approach.

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