Methods adopted for drilling borewell

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There are an elaborate borewell drilling prerequisites and techniques and the borewell companies use their knowledge and expertise to successfully get the ground water efficiently through latest drilling methods. There are different methods adopted for drilling new borewell depending on the location and ground water capacity.

The best borewell company authenticates the methods adopted for drilling borewells and they analyse, decide, arrive at a cost-friendly approach for the customers. The decision making done through the audit report of the geological diviners.

What are the methods adopted for drilling borewells?

The methods adopted for drilling borewell depends on the geological condition of the formation, depth of the borewell and costing factoring to achieve the result. Based on these conditions, the execution is done by the professionals.

Methods adopted for drilling borewell

These depends on the geological condition of formation of soil, alluvial, boulder, hard rock, clay and so on. To get the supply of water, drilling of new bore is executed with the suitable method.

Drilling of new borewell can get surfaced water or groundwater for the supply of water to different industries, domestic irrigation and other purposes, drilling of new borewell is done costing different for the different locations depending on the drilling methods and soil conditions.

1. Down the Hole Hammering – DTH

The most common method nowadays executed, DTH–Down the Hole Hammering, used for deep and large borewell drillings of the geological formation of soil – hard rock.

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2. Rotary drilling

This is considering also another most common technique fulfilled for drilling large, deep borewell for the geological formation condition alluvial.

3. Percussion drilling

A hammer drill otherwise called percussion or impact drill. The most powerful drilling commissioned for hard particles of materials. Oil wells, the place of execution treated as an example.

4. Calyx drilling

This drilling method, often called rotary drilling, uses a system called calyx with the advance of diesel engine, drills executed in the clay, hard rock, an alluvial geological formation of soil. The best borewell company executes this method near river banks.

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5. Augur drilling

A versatile one, exercised for shallow bore and geological formation of alluvial. This method conducted for deep drilling, a cost-effective, gathering information of geological factors, dewatering, construction projects, setting wells, soil boring and collection of water from the ground.

6. Water jetting

A normal technique in drilling uses a pump to jet out water during the drilling process. Water transported to boreholes operated between the jet hole and walls of the bores. This type of drilling discharged on the geological formation of alluvial.

How these methods commissioned?

The methods adopted for drilling of new borewells are commissioned through the skillfulness of the best borewell company, where they sketch out the pricing factor for execution.

It is for the best borewell company to win the moment for the price or sometimes may lead to failure based on geological factors. The investment for getting of water be a win in success result or loss in case of results fails.


One comes to understand the different methods adopted for drilling of new borewell, erected based on the geological formation of the soils, the depth-ness of the borewell and diameter adhered for the supply of water for different industries, irrigation, domestic purposes and so on.

It is for the best borewell company in Chennai offers premium new borewell drilling services as they are experienced in employing and executing different methods with ease and as they have the machinery and equipment to take care of the entire process quickly and easily.

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