Common borewell problems and methods to solve them

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Introduction to Borewells

Borewells are one of the most significant aspects to consider before the construction of any site or the planting of any type of crop, as water is the most precious resource. Identifying the perfect water source is known as Borewell point selection, borewell point detection, water dowsing, divining, water witching, hydro-geologist survey, geologist survey, scientific survey, coconut borewell point marking, and many other aliases.

Three well known categories of Borewell problems

1. Analysing the current condition of the resource

In case of drought or situations when aquifer systems face high demand, then a fall in water level may occur. Bore yield suffers as a result of this. The location of the standing water level is a direct indicator of an aquifer’s performance; if it is lower than normal, there is less water to pump and the supply will be reduced. Individual bore yields may be reduced if there are a high number of bores tapping an aquifer or if neighbouring bores are being pumped.

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2. Checking out the physical condition of bore

When a bore’s condition deteriorates, a slew of issues develop. When corrosion of the bore casing or screens (or casing slots) permits silt to enter the bore, entry of water into the bore can be restricted or prevented.

  • Chemical deposits or bacterial slime obstruct screens (or slots).
  • Due to a poor design of the screen or slot size, fine material enters the bore.

3. Updating the Status of pumping equipment

If you’re having trouble with your water supply, you should also check the pump’s condition. Check that the pump, motor, and delivery systems are all working properly as a first step. Pump impellers deteriorate, inlets clog, and holes develop in pump casings. Any of these can result in a reduction in supply or a total loss of supply.

Possible Problems, Causes and effective Solutions:

1. Complete failure of water supply due to

  • Pump malfunction can be solved by replacing the pump.
  • Low water level can be sorted out by reducing the pumping rate and/or deepening the bore.
  • Bore dewatering can be solved by relocating bore or drilling to a deeper aquifer.

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2. Subsidence at the surface caused by

  • Water bed collapse can only be sorted out by replacing the bore.
  • Pumping sand through an incorrect screen/slot size can be solved by redeveloping the bore and replacing screen/slots.

3. Water supply reduction due to

  • Interference with neighbouring bores can be solved by reducing the pumping rate of the bore.
  • Presence of Iron/manganese bacteria can be solved by Disinfecting bore/treating with chemicals.


From the above article, the most common problems and solutions to borewell systems can be easily understood from both a small scale and a large scale point of view. Also never forget to approach us for all your Borewell related problems, developments and services.

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