All you need to know while drilling a new borewell

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All you need to know is the various information while drilling a new borewell tends to be self-paced learning for discharge of water and who will commission the actual procedure to get the supply of water, which acts as an essential for all types of Industries, domestic, irrigation and other purposes.

There are some major challenges taking place while drilling a new borewell like investment cost and other factors. Sometimes a complex situation arises while drilling a new borewell in your locality and these issues addressed promptly only by a professional borewell companies in India be helpful to overcome the situation.

One must study the new borewell drilling prerequisites and techniques, where they will get more additional information’s assure the confidence level and proceed next stage drilling a new borewell.

What are all the needed ones to know during drilling of a new borewell?

All the needed ones to know during drilling of a new borewell makes everyone decide quickly and exercise at the exact required place after counsel the prerequisites and techniques.

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Needed ones to know during drilling of a new borewell

  • All the prerequisites and techniques of new borewell drilling fulfilled
  • The exact point in the site made ready, cleaned all unwanted materials and be apart from drainage tank
  • Using the drill, holes executed through the decided drilling method, rotary drilling, uses a system called calyx with the advance of diesel engine
  • A circle drawn at the exact point in the site, for digging whole
  • Based on the geological conditions and diviners audit report, action decided on the drilling machine and drilling method of technique suitable for the usage of resource of water. If the condition for surface drilling, then following described
    • Surface drilling – the best technique adopted is DTH
    • The condition for hard rock or soil compressor like hydraulic air compressor used
    • Different techniques decided by the experienced team of drilling borewell
  • A shaft with a diameter of 4.5 inches or 6.5 inches with suitable support inserted into the dug hole
    • The 4.5-inch diameter used for domestic purpose
    • The 6.5-inch diameter used for the large-scale purpose for higher yield of water required for buildings, apartments and irrigation purposes
  • The casing of pipes in holes fulfilled through the usage of the inch diameters
  • Drilling takes place step-by-step at depth level, through the expert team of peoples
  • Drilling depth level, Water output determined, noted through a device called V-shape or V-notched
  • Sample of water tested through labs for identifying particular particles like iron, nitrate, fluoride and so on. The tested report determines the particles and decision done to use water
  • Proper packing of borewell handled through expert team and brand of pump decided to the depth of the borewell
  • Brand of the pump be off any and further added
    • Texmo
    • Sugana
    • V-guard
  • Power to the Pump depends upon either single-phase power supply or three-phase power supply and pump type described below and further added
    • Jet pump
    • Submerged
    • Compressor

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  • Storage capacity of tanks either constructed or per-available plastics tanks as per the usage of water decided
  • Construction of tank done through civil persons and pre-available plastics tanks like sintex tank or any other, chosen as per the usage of water placed overhead or ground level
  • Plumbing and electrical connections exploited through the expert level of person for connection between the borewell and the pumps
  • Rainwater harvesting method erected
  • The total cost calculated included all expenses met for drilling a new borewell.

Why it is needed for all to know the process used while drilling a new borewell?

It is always good to know the techniques before proceeding for drilling a new borewell as a clear-cut detail helpful to determine the decisions during the process. and audit report through geological diviners acts as study material and suggestions taken into account. The audit report considered as referencing for us and other people for good guidance used for drilling a new borewell and the expert team involved in the execution.

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