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Are Heavy Metals in Borewell Water Harmful? Resolve it at Ease

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Water contamination from heavy metals is a major problem.

Lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, copper, and aluminium are major hazardous metals of concern for India in aspects of environmental load and health effects and are released into the water through anthropogenic activities like mining, manufacturing, electroplating, electronics, and fertilizer production, among others.

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Borewell water is not as horrible as people make it out to be because it poses no health risks to you. However, because of its sour flavor, you’re unlikely to eat it uncooked. For your day-to-day water needs at home, this blog will help know better about borewell water.

Borewell water quality is affected by heavy rain or lengthy dry seasons. It is very suggested to purify the borewell water for drinking during the rains. You don’t always want your coffee made with bore well water.

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Borewell Water Purification Hacks for Household Use

The majority of homes rely on bore water for their daily water needs. Although it has no significant effects on your health or skin, it is far preferable to wash the well or borewell for the following reasons.

  • Water solidity
  • Presence of heavy metals
  • Contamination

Bore Water Hardness

The proportion of calcium and magnesium in the water determines its hardness. According to the Water Quality Association, drinking hard water is harmless and does not create any health problems. Notably, drinking hard water provides your body with calcium and magnesium.

However, the presence of high levels of pollution is harmful. You must first determine the firmness of the water. A TDS metre can help you determine whether your bore well water is below or above 200 PPM. Anything over that, the stiffness will be greater. The water will have a strong sour flavor as long as the PPM level is high.

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Use Clean Borewell Water for Other Household Purposes

Are you using bore water for your daily water needs such as washing clothes, bathing, and cleaning? Then you’ll notice white stains on your skin after showering, scratchy hairs, and marks on your floors from scaling on kitchenware, among other things.

Furthermore, hard water can corrode the inner workings of washing machines, geysers, and toilet fixtures. As a result, you may choose to install water softeners in your water tank. To put it simply, bore water is safe to drink.

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Always select the appropriate water cleaner or filter system based on the TDS level of your borewell water. The quality of the water varies by location. In advance, test your water’s TDS level with a TDS metre or in the lab. Select a water filtration system and then complete your house plumbing work accordingly.

Summing Up

With advanced technology and integrated processes, you can use any body of water to generate 100% filtered water. Instead of relying on old chemistry methods, choose a better alternative using new-age techniques. Routine testing is necessary to prevent pollution with chemicals, such as arsenic since they can be toxic.

Water hardness and contamination of toxic substances are two main problems, which concern borewell water. Minimizing these chemical contaminations in borewell water is not so difficult if you pick the best borewell cleaning services in Chennai.

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