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Hand Drilling Borewell Method – An Introduction

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Hand Drilling Borewell Method – An Introduction

Borewell is a vital component to consider before constructing any site or planting any type of crop, as water is the primary source of whatever is necessary.

What Is Hand Drilling Borewell Method?

Hand drilling is also known as manual drilling, human-powered drilling, and sometimes simply as low-cost drilling. Hand drilling technologies, as the name implies, largely rely on human energy.

The term “hand drilling” refers to a variety of drilling techniques that rely on human energy to create a borehole and finish a water supply. The different strategies can be employed in locations where the rocks are soft and the groundwater is shallow. Safe drinking water may be obtained by manual drilling. The device is easily transportable to remote or difficult-to-reach people that might otherwise be left out. Households, companies, and governments like the cheaper prices compared to machine drilling. Manual drilling also creates local employment.

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Key Points about Hand Drilling

Manual drilling methods are employed in at least 36 nations throughout the world to produce water for drinking and other residential requirements. Manual drilling methods are well established in some areas.

  • Low Cost : A manually drilled well can cost 10% to 50% less than a machine drilled or hand dug well of comparable depth.
  • Easy to Move : Hand drilling equipment may frequently be transported to locations where bigger, more traditional drilling equipment cannot.
  • Great Outcomes : Hand drilling techniques, on the other hand, are particularly successful under proper ground conditions.

Hand drilling, as opposed to hand digging, which needs a person to be physically below the earth to dig the well (of at least one meter in diameter), allows operators to remain above ground and create a narrow diameter borehole (50 to 200mm).

Hand drilling can provide better groundwater supplies at a low cost to homes and communities for both residential and productive purposes. Drilled depths vary depending on technology and formation, but can reach 30m or more in rare cases.

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Step-By-Step Procedure of Hand Drilling Borewell Method

Auger Method :

The auger method entails drilling a small-diameter borehole in the earth with a cylindrical or helical soil auger. This approach is capable of penetrating certain sands, silts, and clay formations.

Hand Percussion And Stone Hammer Drilling :

Lifting and dropping a cutting instrument hanging at the end of a rope is required for hand percussion and stone hammer drilling. They are dry procedures that require only a little amount of water to remove the drill cuttings.

Jetting And Sludging :

In contrast to the preceding procedures, the jetting and sludging methods employ a large volume of water to wash out the spoil. Water is injected down and out the bottom of a drilling pipe using jetting and EMAS technology to wash the spoil to the surface. The original jetting process has been improved using self-jetted well-screens.

EMAS Technique :

The employment of a cutting tip while jetting allows for the drilling of more compact materials. A tripod allows the method to go deeper. The EMAS technique breaks the formation with a percussive action combined with back and forth rotation of the drill bit, whereas jetting is meant to penetrate primarily sands and silts with the force of the jetted water.

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