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Why Drinking water analysis in necessary for new drilled borewell water?

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Water is an essential amenity and a need for survival for all human beings and other usages. The quality of water and demand decreasing. Health issues are pertaining to the water issues, and drinking water analysis in new borewell water, a must process to ensure the water you consume every day is of good quality and free of toxins.

Borewell water analysis, its report and specifications are useful to have a record of water quality of the particular are. The best borewell company also plays a fundamental role and guides their customers for obtaining the best supply of water for all customers’ needs.

What is the need for drinking water analysis in borewell water?

Borewell water analysis is useful to determine any harm to a health factor, determines the chemicals elements, physical elements, biological elements and radiological elements present in the water.

The drinking water analysis in new borewell water done through the sample of water collected from borewell tested in public labs either at the district level, city level, state level or in private labs.

The borewell water analysis report from the labs must suit the recommendations of BIS–Bureau of Indian standard and WHO–World Health Organization, condition needed for the standard condition of potable water and suit to the code: BIS: IS 10500:1991.

The code BIS: – IS 10500:1991 determines the standard protocol for drinking water from the borewell or resource of waters. The best borewell company educates themselves on these protocols and other issues.

Based on all the borewell water analyses, the best borewell company must also give necessary guidelines to their customers.

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Why water quality analysis is necessary for new and existing borewell?

The need for the analysis in borewell water analysis is to determine any chemical bacteria parameter of water in borewell and any contaminations. Borewell formulation of hard rock is free from any infection of bacteria.

From the borewell water analysis and test reports, one can determine the percentage of parameters present in the water. The parameters present is due to contamination of leaking of sewage lines, corrosive elements which led to damage of pipelines, improper plumbing works, short span of appliances, improper packing borewell.

The 12 parameters normally seen in borewell water analysis are of

  • Ph levels
  • Total hardness
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride
  • Nitrate
  • Sulphate
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Iron
  • Fluoride
  • Alkalinity

It is for the local government authorities, policymakers, planners, environmental people to face the challenge for the adequate supply of water because of the increase of population, usage of water in all sectors based on the groundwater table and it is to adhere to the borewell water analysis.

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How is the analysis done in drinking water in new borewell water?

Drinking water analysis in new borewell water determines the safeguard of all health issues and how occurred. To prevent all human beings from changing their lifestyle and get good quality of water from borewell the drinking water analysis in new borewell water must be observed to all requirements.

Borewell water specification taken into the account from the drinking water analysis in new borewell water, which determines at what level used. The level to determine is off above 3000 per litre not advisable, 500 to 2000 per litre advisable for drinking and irrigation.


Drinking water analysis in new borewell water a must and it is for the best borewell company to observe the procedures for the better supply of water for all the population occupancy for their needs in domestic, industrial, agriculture purposes. The borewell specification is useful and the sample of water tested in labs adhere to rules and regulations formed through WHO and BSI standards.

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