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Unveiling the Art of Hand Drilling Borewells: Tapping into Nature’s Reservoir

In a world where technology frequently rules, the practice of hand-drilling borewells is an artwork of human innovation and resilience. This age-old method, which allows access to freshwater reservoirs beneath the Earth’s surface, has been many people’s lifeline far from the buzz of modern technology.

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What is the hand drilling borewell method?

By manually excavating the ground to reach underground water sources, the hand drilling borewell method is a classic way for making water wells. This approach is frequently used in locations like isolated rural areas or places with limited access to heavy gear where modern drilling equipment may be difficult to transport or operate.

The process involved in the hand-drilling borewell method

  • Selection of Location – Based on aspects including geological investigations, hydrological research, and local knowledge of water availability, a suitable place is selected.
  • Tooling and Equipment – Manual tools used in excavation include augers, chisels, and digging implements. To remove the soil and debris from the well, a rope or cable system is set up.
  • Excavation Process – The excavation process entails workers manually excavating the earth and removing rocks, soil, and other objects. Temporary supports, such as casing pipes or stones, may be placed as the depth rises to keep the well from collapsing.
  • Water Table and Aquifers – Drilling continues until it reaches the water table or a particular water-bearing layer that contains water (an aquifer). Changes in soil properties or an increase in well water level are frequent indicators of the presence of water.
  • Completion and Installation – After the well has reached the intended water source, it is finished by adding a casing pipe, which helps preserve the well’s structural integrity and avoids contamination. The water is then drawn from the well using a hand pump or another manual extraction technique that is installed.
  • Maintenance – To keep the well operational and free of obstruction, regular maintenance, and cleaning are essential.

What are the types of hand drilling borewell services?

In general, there are two types of hand drilling borewell services available and they are:

  • Single jacking hand drilling borewell – In the single jacking method, a single cutter will be used which will act both as a bit and a hand hammer.
  • Double jacking hand drilling borewell -in the double jacking method, one cutter will be holding the bit whereas one or more will be used to hit the bit with large-size sled hammers.


Hand drilling borewells stand as a testament to human determination, a reminder that the Earth’s treasures are accessible through sweat, dedication, and the harmonious rhythm of manual labor. As we celebrate the past, embrace the present, and look toward the future, let us remember the art of hand drilling borewells – a timeless connection between mankind and the life-giving waters that flow beneath our feet.

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