Necessary follows for bore well maintenance

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The bore well machine is a crucial tool for transporting water from below the surface to above the surface, as well as for extending or enlarging already existing holes. Regular motor maintenance is necessary to keep them operating at their peak capacity every day. You may get in touch with the best borewell services in Chennai to make the services easier for you.
Here is a thorough checklist or follow-up to keep the bore well in top condition. This follow-up task must be completed within the required time frame for the system to function properly. Let’s take a closer look at the procedures and approaches for carrying out proper bore well maintenance.
Best Maintenances before and after the installation also at the frequent intervals.

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Visual Inspection

Whenever the drilling starts it is always important to take up the visual inspection of the materials this gives a better overview of the machine and its processes. In this small inspection, the mistakes can be identified easily that decreases the major damages during the execution.

The Maintenance routine

It is always advisable to have a maintenance routine and it is always that should be part of the work. Make the maintenance schedule vigorously daily, and monthly, in a rigorous way to avoid unnecessary damage.
Regular checkups have to be done on the quality of the oil, cleanliness of the oil tank, clean the suction strainer after cleaning don’t forget to clean the tube of suction lines.

Fuel inspection

Every operator knows that fuel is the blood of the machine hence maintaining it was a vital role. Irrespective of the machine it is advised to keep the machine lubricated and fuelled for optimum better performances. Therefore it is advised to use fresh lubrication for all the greasing areas.

Pilot Tube checking routine

The pilot tube is one of the significant components Bore well drilling machines. It is important to get through the regular thorough checkup of the borewell machine if that is done most of the problems that will be caused can be clarified. After flushing with high-pressure fluid from the tube before they get hard then make it dry to avoid rust.

Paint Against corrosion

Everyone has a taught paint that makes the machine looks good but apart from that it protects the machine from rusting after some stage of corrosion. These are highly fundamental checks that to be done against corrosion.

The maintenance of the bore well after installation

Not only checking before or during installation is necessary it is also important to check up at frequent intervals after installation with some of the factors.

Water leakage

At some times water can be corrosive because the water pipes can be corroded. This can be identified only with a sudden or gradual decrease in the volume of water. If you suspect there is a decrease in the water level check with the help of professionals and they can test it with sophisticated equipment. Then most likely they can change the pipe.

Contaminated bore water

If you suspect that your water got contaminated or some nearby bore wells got contaminated it is advisable to check your bore well and refrain from consuming it. In case of such issues, your bore will need to be checked, and avoid consuming it unless it gets treated.

Foul smelling water

There is also a chance for foul-smelling water. To prevent that where there is rain try to keep the bore well away from the area. That way the water will not get into the bore well area. Always remember that this water is not fit for consumption. However, if you dug a deep bore well there can also be contaminated water because of the pipe materials. It is important to notice each of the factors.

Removal of Slush from the Bore well

This usually happens after the monsoon season. Due to rainfall, there might be a chance for stagnant water which causes slush at the borewell. Cement in the borewell area prevents the accumulation of slush in the borewell. Don’t let the muddy puddles near the bore well fix the area to avoid the puddles.


It is always easier to correct any bore well problem easily only when it is identified at the right time. It is always best to seek professional help to rectify such issues if you’re the one looking for Best Bore well drilling contractor in Chennai.

If you have any questions about the services offered for borewell drilling, get in touch with Samy Borewell Company in Chennai. Our professionals can assist you, address your concerns, and provide you with the support that is appropriate for your need.

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