The Best Way to Prepare Plumbing for winter

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Everyone is experiencing colder weather, so now is the time to prepare your home for freezing temperatures, especially your plumbing. If you don’t take these crucial actions now, you can experience major plumbing issues later in the season.

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Drain the faucets and outdoor plumbing

It’s crucial to turn off any outside faucets and pipes connected to hoses or other pipes, such as your sprinkler system and exterior home faucets, and to drain any water in them promptly. Water that remains in these pipes, hoses, or faucets may freeze and explode, producing flooding problems inside your house during the winter.

Even when you are absent, keep the temperature warm.

Keep your thermostat set warm enough to prevent frozen pipes whether you go out during the day or night or if you’re going on vacation. Generally, this entails maintaining a temperature of at least 55 degrees because any lower could cause pipes to freeze in regions of your home that aren’t as well-insulated. As an additional security measure, if you intend to be away from your property for a lengthy period, you can switch off the main water supply and drain all the water from your pipes by turning on the taps throughout the house.

Seal all holes and insulate pipes in colder areas.

Consider installing insulation around any pipes in an unfinished portion of your basement to prevent the pipes from freezing in severely cold weather. Winter weather could cause water in the pipes to freeze, expand, and cause damage, even if they are within the house. We can avoid damage with a fast insulation coating readily accessible at any nearby hardware store. If any areas in the basement, garage, or attic have inadequate insulation, take a moment to fill in the gaps or add more insulation to prevent the entry of freezing air.

Set up the heating cable

For delicate pipes, heat cables work wonders. To prevent the pipe from freezing, they contain an integrated thermostat that monitors the temperature of the pipe and controls the heat as necessary. To connect the cable, you’ll need a nearby outlet.

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Seal the rim joists

A likely location for cold air incursion is the rim joist. Insulate between the floor joists after using expanding foam to seal any gaps or cracks. A pipe shouldn’t be protected from the heat of the rest of the home by insulation. Additionally, check the area around any openings where cables, wires, or pipes enter an outside wall. Wherever you can, insulate and use caulk or expanding foam to stop draughts. We should use a makeup air hose to bring combustion air into the furnace after insulation.

Defend Against Extreme Temperatures

If they live in an older home with inadequate insulation, you might need to take extra precautions to safeguard your plumbing when temperatures drop below freezing. You can insulate pipes anywhere in the house, keep the water running (even at a trickle), raise the thermostat a few degrees, and even open cabinets that house pipes to allow warm air from other areas of the house to circulate the pipes.

Garage door insulation

Insulate the garage door, if not the entire garage, if there are water lines. Think about using insulation and heat cables together as well. Install a portable heater in the garage if it’s extremely chilly.

Install Frost-Free Sill Cocks

A frost-free sill cock has a valve, seat, and washer that can be up to 18 inches apart. Unlike a conventional faucet, where the faucets are spaced apart. Inside the wall rather than at the faucet.

If the sill cock is properly adjusted with a slight downward pitch, water drains from the pipe every time the faucet is turned off.

Protective hose bibs

As it passes through a wall and into the cold, a pipe’s heat loss is slowed by insulated coverings. For very little money, they offer some level of security.


By following these easy instructions, you can stop your pipes from freezing and avoid the need for costly damage and repairs brought on by cold conditions. However, Samy Plumbing Services is available to assist in repairing your plumbing if the worst does occur.

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