New borewell drilling prerequisites and techniques

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Water is essential for all type of industrial and domestic functions and an important resource. To get the supply of water, on can use wells, or drilling a new borewell or maintaining pre-existing borewells, lakes, ponds, desalination of water from the sea, or bought from water suppliers.

In today’s scenario or forever, usage of water resources a must and to achieve subsequent and enough water supply, drilling of new borewells should commission in lands of buildings, agricultural lands, and other suitable places with meeting all the necessary prerequisites and techniques in place. Anyone who read this article will know the Full details needed for the new borewell adapted.

What are the prerequisites needed for adapting a new bore well?

Drilling a new borewell is not done immediately and requires prerequisites like site/ land testing, water quality, water existence should be thoroughly checked. One of the techniques are finding out the surfaced water or groundwater of the soil. Sometimes it is for deepening the soil for groundwater below 30 m, one uses deep borewell drilling.

New borewells adopted in many places, and some guidelines followed for commissioning them. There are certain disadvantages for new borewell exertion.

What are the prerequisites needed for adapting a new bore well?

Guidelines for commissioning for new borewell

  • A well-known geological diviner must survey a particular site for new borewell drilling implementation.
  • These geological diviners used their instruments to identify the availability of the water in the site. The charges to the geological diviners vary.
  • Geological diviners specify the grinding depth of water level from their report taking into the account level of the water table of the location of the site.
  • One should reach Bore well drilling agency or get the suggestion from the geological diviners who they refer. The borewell drilling agency should have hands-on experience to implement the task of action.
  • The local geological diviners suggest the best drilling technique suited for a geological formation like hard rock, alluvial, boulder, clay.
  • Recommendation for handheld drilling for new borewell suggested and in case any failure alternate usage of vertical drilling machine adapted
  • One should have an investment-ready for new borewell drilling based rates, calculated on the depth, hours, feet, casing pipe per feet, drilling charges, transportation charges, flushing charges and charges to labourers
  • Pump, its connection to borewell and supply of power to pump and storage of water in tanks

Quick and economical new borewell drilling processes done at budget-friendly price.


  • Insufficient groundwater
  • The geological formation of the soil like clay soil
  • Very close borewells and highly sucking water pumps lead to insufficient water supply
  • Place of chosen for new borewell drilling sometimes leads to false option

How is the new borewell drilling done?

New borewell drilling done on the geological formation of the soil and based on these, certain drilling method techniques followed which of like

  • Water jetting drilling method
  • Augur drilling method
  • Calyx drilling method
  • Percussion drilling method
  • Rotary drilling method
  • DTH drilling method

From the drilling method technique, DTH – Down the Hole Hammering, used for deep and large borewell drillings of the geological formation of soil – hard rock. Method of techniques may sometimes lead to success or failure in obtaining water from borewells.

The diameters for drilling of new borewell fulfilled, proper packing of the borewell protecting the boundaries because of entry of sand and the rates drilling per depth and casting of pipes are enormous cost nowadays. Pumps and tanks attached after exercising the new borewell.


Following New borewell drilling techniques and keeping the prerequisites ready is necessary and various borewell drilling methods are discussed in this article. Starting form commissioning till drilling there are various techniques involved to get the desired result. Only an experienced borewell company can handle any type of challenges and suggest the best methods for drilling new borewell as they know what should be expected during every stage and tackle the issues easy and quick.

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