Borewell Drilling- An Introduction

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Borewell has revolutionized the concept of water accessibility with the launch of the borewell in India. Water shortages and accessibility are major problems for irrigation, manufacturing, and domestic households; borewell has become a one-stop solution.

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Borewell drilling, otherwise referred to as borehole drill, is a method in which the shaft is inserted into the drilled hole as necessary. Borewell’s drilling cost is a major component of the whole operation which relies on multiple variables.

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Once you plan to use borewell as your water accessibility tool, it is important to understand the fundamentals of borewell drilling, borewell drilling prices, methods, and longevity of the same.

Borewell Vs. Open Well

The option between a borewell and an open well depends on different criteria such as location, land layout, use, expense, etc.

Let’s take a look at the contrast of open wells and borewells and what your opt-out option might be:

  • Open wells have less water than wells.
  • The amount of pollution is tremendous. Water cannot be used directly for drinking or cooking purposes.
  • The risks of injuries, of children slipping, are incredibly high.
  • The method of collecting water from an open well is traditional. And one has to draw water with a rope and a pulley. If elderly people or children want access to water, borewell is the solution.
  • Open wells are not an environmentally friendly solution, but borewells are still a long-term solution.

Open wells have been a success in Harappan civilization. Borewells is the ideal option in today’s world. It offers daily access to water that is filtered and safe to use.

Types Of Borewell Drilling Procedure

It is important to consider and evaluate all possible conditions before settling on the type of drilling process used. Different techniques have differing borewell drilling costs. The choice should be a smart mix of technicalities and borewell drilling prices.

Borewell exploration has come a long way from liquid media to electrical drilling. The ancient method used mud or water to extract the earth’s cores. For the advancement of diesel engines, the techniques of calyx were used. The calyx system uses rotary drilling to dig holes.

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Factors Considered Before Adopting A Borewell Drilling Method Are:

  • Suitability in terms of geographical formation (i.e. such as alluvial, bouldery, and hard rock)
  • Borewell drilling cost
  • Location of drilling
  • Diameter and depth of borewell
  • The purpose intended for Borewell
  • Environment Sustainability

Major Classification Of Types Of Borewell Drilling Are

  • Surface Drilling
  • In well drilling

Other methods are:

  • Compressor Drilling- High Strength Hydraulic Air Compressor Equipment is used for this purpose. Generally ideal for hard rock and soil surfaces.
  • Manual Drilling-also referred to as Hand Bore-Most suited for clay or sand.
  • Rotary Drilling

Types Of Drilling Procedure As Per Geographical Formation

Different geological formations require a range of borewell drilling techniques. It varies for shallow and deep exploration. Individual hard rock and soft rock processes. There are various forms with different formations are :

  • Water Jetting – For Shallow drilling – alluvial formation
  • Augur Drilling – For Shallow drilling – alluvial formation
  • Calyx Drilling – For Shallow borewells -both hard rock and alluvial formation
  • Percussion Drilling – for deep bores used in the bouldery formation
  • Rotary Drilling – large and deep bores – alluvial formations.
  • Down the Hole Hammering (DTH) Drilling – large and deep borewells – hard rock formations.

The next step after determining the type of drilling system to be used is the type of housing needed. The next key thing is casing pipes. They are inserted in the drilled hole to avoid sand and other pollutants from accessing the borewell. Some people prefer to minimize the cost of borewell drilling on the casing pipes. This is strongly discouraged as it has long-term implications. It would decrease the life of your borewell, improve the chances of leakage and thus, in exchange, increase the cash flow of borewell drilling costs.

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